Land Observations, the musician and artist, James Brooks is releasing his brand new album, The Grand Tour this summer. Brooks, an original founding member of the British experimental post-rock band, Appliance who released four critically acclaimed albums on Mute. He also has a Masters degree in fine arts and his art exhibits have been in galleries ranging from the Tate Britain to the Galerie Laurent Mueller in Paris. The Grand Tour is a follow up to his critically acclaimed 2012 debut album, Roman Roads IV-XI.

Based on the idea of the historic Grand Tour, a traditional rite of passage for wealthy University graduates in the 18th century, the album creates an imaginary travelogue meandering through Western, Central, and Southern Europe. The Grand Tour was recorded on the edge of the Bavarian Alps on just one electric 6-string guitar echoing Brooks’ sentiments, “I didn’t want to be in a band any more and I became aware that a solo guitar could fill the sound.”

Earlier this year, Brooks played on fellow Mute artist, Simon Fisher Turner’s score for The Epic of Everest, which he performed live with Turner at the London Film Festival and Trento Film Festival in Italy.

Album includes download card.

1. On Leaving the Kingdom For the Well-Tempered Continent
2. Flatlands & the Flemish Roads
3. From the Heights of the Simplon Pass
4. Nice to Turin
5. Ode to Viennese Streets 6. The Brenner Pass
7. Walking the Warm Colonnades
8. Return to Ravenna


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