The Acid are releasing their debut album, Liminal in the Summer of 2014. The Acid is made up of three very different members-- Adam Freeland, a Grammy nominated DJ and producer, Steve Nalepa, a producer, composer, and professor of music technology, and Ry X, an LA based artist and producer.

After meeting at a party last year, Ry and Freeland began experimenting with song ideas and recording. Initially, Ry and Freeland didn’t even know what they were creating. Ry says of the process, “It’s like painting before you know what you are painting. You’re stuck in the process before you’ve got an idea of what you’re making. The beauty of that is complete freedom.” The Acid achieved this artistic freedom creating beautiful tracks that defy the parameters of genre and are immense in scope. Sometimes layering three or four guitars together seamlessly amongst beat pulses, while other times combining elongated drones and visceral bass sounds with Ry’s delicate vocals.

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